1. Holy cow. What a photo. So many levels of good. I noticed the textures of the screen and the unfocused leaves at first. Then maximized the photo on my screen and discovered the smoothness of the hand. Then the subtleties of light and shadow. Then the contrast of the gentle curves of the hand and fingers – held in position so perfectly – against the angular rigidity of the screen.

    Was this a meticulous plan to create such interest, or was it a result of an inner artist who knows without conscious thought? Either way. And it’s color.

    I haven’t even mentioned the poetry. I really like the way your mind works. Good work, AWF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Joseph!! 🙂 This one was spontaneous — I couldn’t help but notice all the little raindrops caught in the squares of my screen door, the way the light settled down in each one, and the vivid green of my old birch tree after a storm. I wanted to put myself in the middle of all of that loveliness … So I did.

      Always makes my day to hear your voice here. 🙂


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