when eating a peach is an act of transcendence…

Yesterday, at the grocery store, I bought a peach, for no other reason than because I wanted to.


I took it home and stood at my kitchen counter — one hand resting against the cool of the quartz, the other cradling the peach’s velvet curve.

I took a bite.

I let the nectar run down to my elbow.

To me, it was like the summer sun rested on my tongue.

And I thought, then, of the days when my eating disorder taught me a different language.  When food meant fear, and starvation felt like a form of power.

When everything I put in my mouth seemed like a threat.


And I am struck, now, by the way everything in this world is a sign or a symbol …

A petal.

A green leaf.

A peach.

All life is language, and we are the ones who get to decide what each hieroglyph means…

I am Adam; I am Eve; I am naming everything all over again.

I chew the peach slowly.

I swallow.

This — I tell you — is power.


  1. Wow. Powerful prose here. You’ve taken me to so many places in such short amount of words, and I am better for the journey. What an awesome moment of reflection.

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  2. Sometimes a sign is so very difficult to decipher, and that is when shrinking back into one’s shell feels so cosy and safe. Without a feeling of safety at one’s very core, even the front door can become an insurmountable obstacle.
    How to find safety to fill that empty core?

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    1. I understand that feeling. I think one of the hardest human tasks is to find a place in which we are both protected/safe and still open to the world and to others. So difficult to strike that balance! Wishing you peace and protection today. ❤


  3. See previous comments about why your photography is so good. I maximize the photo on my screen and pour over the details, the composition, the elements. So good. And once again, the perfect words accompany. Such duel talents are rare.

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