Everyday Magic


Here’s the thing about me:  I love books.  

And also, I love people.  

I guess that’s why I love used books so much.

I love books that are worn by many fingers; paper creased and rainspotted and written on.  Feathers and leaves tucked between pages.  Startlingly personal inscriptions, penned into the flyleaf in watery lavender ink.  

And few things provide a more intimate glimpse into the mind of a reader than page after page of their thoughts and emotions scribbled into the margins:  a breadcrumb trail left by the psyche, as revealing sometimes as a dream.


I’m lucky.

Turns out I’m married to a guy who loves used books, too, and together we’ve filled the house with them.  

And so it shouldn’t surprise you to know that one of the highlights of our week in Florida was a visit to a special used bookstore.

While I was there, I decided to take some photographs.  I thought of all the little surfaces that make up a space like this, where someone can feel comfortable sitting down on the floor in the middle of an aisle, her long hair brushing the pages of some tome some other girl has read before.   I wanted to take photos of the textures of the space — photos that felt personal and intimate in the same way that a book feels personal an intimate when it’s full of marginalia.  

I’m not sure I entirely succeeded, but I like the results.

Book lovers, enjoy:




Everyday Magic

The Sunshine State, in Black & White

For a long time now, I’ve had a special place in my heart for Florida.

I spent summers there as a kid, tearing around on a bike near the mangroves, coming alive in the steamy green heat.  It’s a nostalgic place for me, and like most nostalgic places, it strikes me as beautiful.


Florida’s beauty is glaring:  like a particularly striking woman who sports bright makeup and an orchid in her hair.  You can’t help but look at her, but if she smudged off the dark lipstick and traded her red dress for black, you might notice the pool of light in the hollow of her collarbone.  

The sun sliding slow over her shoulders.

The subtler magic.


I guess that’s why I’ve come to like Florida best when she’s photographed in monochrome.


The photos that follow are quiet ones, collected during a lazy, contemplative week in Punta Gorda.  While there are lovelier snapshots of the sunshine state — oceans full of sundazzle, and foam-swept crashing surf — I think these represent a gentler beauty that others may miss. 

Enjoy… ❤








Everyday Magic

magic on the sidewalk …

This weekend, I dare you to believe something radical:

Every day, the world tosses magic at your feet.

And I could try to write a long treatise to convince you that’s true… Or I could just show you this series of photos, which are literally just shots of chipped concrete and a few stray weeds at the sidewalk’s edge…

Proof that the magic is wherever you choose to see it, if you look with loving eyes:






Hope you go out and find a little ordinary magic of your own today…  It’s a pretty special world we’re living in. ❤ 


Everyday Magic

A Monday-morning call to look again …

Can I tell you something? 

Can I say it here — now — before the noise of the week presses in and drowns out my words?

Oh, friend. Hear me: this world is full of magic. And I believe the best magic waits for those of us who see things a little differently.

There’s mystery for those of us willing to stand on our heads to see the sky …

For those willing to get on our knees — the gesture of  prayer — to look closely:

And closer still:

Dear friend: I hope you take a little time to marvel at the world around you today.

Marvel standing on your hands…

Marvel praying on your knees…

Marvel with your lens pressed to the leaves…


Whatever you do, just marvel. ❤

Everyday Magic

On Silver Light & Gem-Spangled Spiderwebs: In Search of Rainy-Day Magic

When I wake, the world is filmed with silver rain:  the air gray as an antique tintype.

It’s the kind of day that makes you want to burrow deeper under the covers, but I don’t.  Some instinct drives me out into the cool air and fog, the crunch of first leaves under my feet.

I’ve always been one of those people with a hunter’s instincts, when it comes to beauty.  I can feel it, sometimes, just around the next corner, or hiding in the shadows of the trees — feel it as a prickling on the skin of my forearms, or a sudden kick inside my chest.  

It’s an instinct that never fails me.

Today, that sense beckons me down the street and around the bend.  I let my feet take me down the hill toward the woods,  which is where I expect that the magic is waiting for me, in the leaves.  But I don’t have to go that far.  Instead, I slide to a sudden stop right there on the sidewalk, my breath catching, the sense of nearby wonder sharpening all my senses.

And I see this:


It’s the most ordinary thing, really:  a spiderweb crowning a boxwood, there by the road.  Except that the spiderweb is spangled with raindrops — thousands of them — and each of them catches and holds the light like a jewel.

The sight of it — and I mean this quite literally — takes my breath away.

I get down on my knees with my iphone.  It doesn’t matter, what the drivers of the passing cars might think, or that my knees are wet, or that the time is passing, somewhere.  All that matters is this:  the light in the leaves, the light in my head, my chest, ricocheting around in my soul.

I walk a little further and find more spiderwebs — a handful of them.  Then dozens.  Suddenly it’s as if the whole word is wearing a tiara that Cartier couldn’t recreate if it tried.

And I walk home in the rain feeling as if I’m the one wearing the crown — though I haven’t done a thing to deserve it…


… Except, perhaps, to show up with both eyes open, in the foolish and beautiful belief that the world has something good to show me, if only I’m willing to look. ❤


Everyday Magic

When the Forest Sends Me a Heart-Shaped Love Note …

Every day, this world tries to tell me, in quiet, ordinary ways, that there is love for me here.

And also magic.

I went on a long walk in the woods yesterday.  My mind was cluttered, my heart heavy, but then, this:


… A giant leaf like a valentine:  soft as parachute silk.

Today, I’m wishing you a little love just when you need it most…  Hope you go out into the green with both eyes open for magic. ❤