Flashback: Gold Leaves, Ginkgo Trees & a Stranger’s Blessing

This post was first published on October 30, 2014 — almost exactly a year ago … It still makes me smile. ❤ /// Sometimes, the best moments are unplanned. Yesterday, in a sudden burst of spontaneity between running errands, I deviated from my plan for the day.  Driving down 581, I swung the car onto the exit […]

Flashback: The Time I Almost Got Arrested for Writing a Poem in Chalk on a Bridge

From now until January 1, three times a week I’ll be sharing with you some of my all-time favorite posts — you might think of it as a curated collection of the Best of Alpha // Whiskey // Foxtrot.   In between, there’ll be space for new photos, new words and new wonder:  a mingling […]