Tonight. It’s late. The rain falls on the house for hours without stopping — a slow, steady rain. The kind that brings the world to life. Meanwhile I’m here inside, listening to the drumming on the roof.  The dinner guests have gone.  The dishes have been cleaned, the wine glasses placed back on the […]


Come in, Love,and¬†shake the rainfrom your shoulders. Come —let the storm lash the¬†panes of the windows,the thunder rattle the¬†bones of the house.Here we’ll make Quiet¬†the way some peoplemake Love. (I’ll tell you a secret:Sometimes they’re one & the same.) Let’s not talk¬†of the¬†worldoutside the door —the storm has snappedthe wires to this place,and no outside […]

When it’s Fall and it’s cold & wet but I’m brave & hopeful anyway …

Rain falls.The trees¬†flame. Morning. * I step into the car and find it coated¬†with wet leaves, the brown foliage glued to grill & windshield and hood. I start the engine, and a flock of small black birds shudders upward. ¬†Lifts through gray light. * On the road I am driving fast now. ¬†Water¬†hisses in the […]


As I write these words, it’s night, and I’m upstairs in a little room tucked under the eaves, listening to the rain drum the roof just above my head. I love the way a summer rain sounds silver, even in the dark. Oh, Summer: ¬†sing me to sleep. ‚̧