Flashback: Sidewalks, Spider Silk & the Magic of Everyday Things

In celebration of alpha // whiskey // foxtrot’s one-year anniversary, I’ll be posting some old favorites — both yours and mine — every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The fun lasts from now until New Year’s Day. Whether you’re a longtime follower or discovering these posts for the first time  … enjoy!  /// Originally posted on October 28, 2014 […]

On Silver Light & Gem-Spangled Spiderwebs: In Search of Rainy-Day Magic

When I wake, the world is filmed with silver rain:  the air gray as an antique tintype. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to burrow deeper under the covers, but I don’t.  Some instinct drives me out into the cool air and fog, the crunch of first leaves under my feet. I’ve […]