Quiet Grace at my Window: Day Ten

(Sometimes it’s tough to feel at home in your own city.  Which is why I’ve given myself a challenge:  each day, for forty days, I’m going to find *one* thing I love about this place.  And then I’m going to tell you about it.  If you want to follow my journey, start here.  Today is Day Ten.) 

This time of year, it’s impossible *not* to be grateful for the one thing everyone loves about Southwestern Virginia.  And that would be the leaves.

It’s Peak Foliage Week here in the Star City, when tourists travel from all over the place to stay in bed-and-breakfasts, drive convertibles down the Blue Ridge Parkway, and flock to local wineries and hiking trails.  They come with eyes hungry for red and yellow and plum-purple, maroon, chocolate, chartreuse.

As for me?  I don’t even have to leave my house to enjoy the sights.  Here’s the view I see when I stand at at my dining room table.  Nothing fancy here — just quiet, unassuming loveliness on a cloudy afternoon…


I am grateful.


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