Grateful for the Perfect Cup of Joe: Day Fifteen

(Sometimes it’s tough to feel at home in your own city.  Which is why I’ve given myself a challenge:  each day, for forty days, I’m going to find *one* thing I love about this place.  And then I’m going to tell you about it.  If you want to follow my journey, start here.  Today is Day Fifteen.)

As the days get longer and the nights get cooler, I find myself feeling especially grateful for a good cup of local coffee.


At the Fellers house, coffee-making isn’t just another slapdash component in the morning routine.  It’s more of a ceremony, and it happens morning, noon and night, always in the Chemex.  Thomas bought it for me in Miami last year as an anniversary gift, and it’s held a special place in my heart ever since.

I’m a sucker for beauty, and this thing is a knockout — all clean curves and gleaming glass.  And there’s something contemplative and soothing about the process of heating the water in the kettle, then spiraling the liquid slowly over the grounds.  Watching them bloom.  Letting the fragrance fill the house.


But one of my favorite things about my Chemex is that it’s a match made in heaven for my new favorite coffee — an Ethiopian Worka from the Yirgacheffe region, available from one of our amazing local roasters, Red Rooster.  This stuff is organic, fair-trade, and the Chemex takes its sweet raspberry notes and turns them into a magically clean berries-and-fresh-cream wonderfulness that I can’t even describe here.

Can’t even.

When Thomas first brought it home from the Grandin Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago, words came out of my mouth that we both thought I’d never, ever say:

This stuff might make a coffee monogamist out of me.

If you want to try it, come on over and I’ll make you the perfect cup.

We’d love to have you here at the Fellers House … Truly.  I mean it.  🙂





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