Savannah, Georgia: Abstractions

I spent last weekend happily shambling around the green-shadowed streets of one of my favorite cities:  Savannah, Georgia.

I ate a shameful amount of seafood.

I slept in a ridiculously fluffy four-poster bed.

And I took photos.  A lot of photos.


Today, I finally got a chance to go through some of those photos.  And in looking back on them, I’m realizing a few things:

1)  No amount of IS is capable of making up for my incredibly shaky hands, especially in the day’s best twilight light:


  See?  It’s time to quit overindulging in coffee, and stat.

2)  My photos aren’t very good when I shoot in color, but shooting in color — at least on occasion — is good for me:


 I think it’s important to deliberately work against your own aesthetic now and then, to stay limber and open and to enjoy the pleasure of a return to your own way of seeing the world…  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, so I look forward to a special homecoming soon.

3)  Lately I feel drawn, over and over again, to images cropped so close or focused so strangely that they stray toward abstraction:  


I tilt my camera at odd angles.

I use my zoom lens to sidle up so close to the subject that all context is removed.

I don’t know why I’m doing this — maybe I’m just restless, hungry to see the world in a different way.

Whatever it is, I know this:  for now, for my soul, it’s good. ❤








  1. The tilt is good – it’s a different way to see the world, like you say – your perspective. I love the shot with the stairs, just leads the eye down into your blog post. And you’ve really captured the sense of place with all of your photos. Great stuff here, AWF!

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  2. Your pictures are great, and thinking outside the box is always a good idea! Sometimes that’s when your best work or best “light bulb” moments come about 🙂

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