The First Signs of a Long Goodbye

I find the first yellow leaf the way a woman finds the first gray hair, and feel it like a betrayal:


I have so much less time than I thought.


And still, the light fills up the rooms, yellow and warm.  The green leaves tap the upstairs windows at night.

Fireflies spark in the meadows.

Cicadas hum in the trees.

You and I still have a little time, yet, to live and to love.  Forgive and be forgiven…


Let’s make a little magic in it. ❤


    1. I like your perspective. 🙂 I can’t help but fear the fall a little bit, knowing the winter comes after. But you’re so right: there is much time in this season for *both* reflection and celebration, & that is truly a gift.

      So glad you’re reading! ❤

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      1. The thought of winter is a little scary. I know that the long dark hours will affect my mood, but I do prefer rising in the dark and seeing the sky lighten. After the long summer days, autumn once again treats me to that daily event.

        Very happy to be reading – so glad you are writing 🙂

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        1. Thank you for that — I’m no early riser (at least not by nature), but the thought of an autumn sunrise *almost* makes me want to be. 😉

          The winter is usually a productive season for me, creatively speaking, although it’s a little hard on me emotionally. I look forward to hard lines and high contrast — all the better for black-and-white photography.

          And yes: I plan to spend these next seasons doing *a lot* of writing.

          You too, I hope! 🙂

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  1. It is 102 with 78 percent humidity where we life. We long for the turning of leaves, and the drop in temperature. Fall, Winter, and Spring, is our go time. Lauren and I always say, you can put on more layers, yet you can only take so many off and still be decent. Great write up, thanks.

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