When the Magic is a Momentary Flash by the Side of the Road …

There’s no special place you need to go to find the light —

You can climb a mountain, if you want.  But you’re just as likely to find it on road full of potholes, at the end of the day, when your brain is cluttered and tired but the dog must be walked and the dinner must be prepared and you don’t have your DSLR with you — just your iPhone.

There’s no special skill to this:  just walk, and open your eyes.  Feel that single narrow shaft of it dancing over your face — a flash of warmth — there and gone.

Stop in your tracks.

Back up a step.


There — there.  It beams through the tiniest hole in the trees like a narrow ribbon, long and lean.  

Position yourself in the path of it.  

Pin it down into pixels — if such a thing were possible:


Watch the light flare across your screen, and think: how very easy it would be, to miss this moment. ❤

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