Halfway down the trail on the Murray Run Greenway, smack in the middle of the woods, there’s a single park bench.  As far as I know, it’s the only bench located in these woods, and I’ve done a lot of thinking and dreaming there since we first moved to the Star City three years ago.

I’ve prayed there.

Wept there.

Snapped pictures.

Scribbled poetry.

Made peace.

But today, I brought my little dog with me, lay down flat against the slats…  and I did nothing.

I closed my eyes for a little while, my arm crooked around Sophie’s furry neck, and I let myself breathe in the scents of autumn.  Let the leaves flutter over me and land in little pools on the earth.

And somewhere along the line, I decided to snap a photograph:


I’m sitting here looking at it now, seeing, in the furrowed plane of my forehead, the cares of the day … But also, I see those cares melting, little by little.

Today, I’m wishing you a little quiet corner of the universe where your soul can be at rest … whether it’s a park bench or a a favorite wing chair pushed up against the window.  A boat, an open trail, or a garden, soaking in the last of the warm light.

Wherever you are, friend …

at rest
tonight …




  1. I would be at rest….with a pet dog!!! I want one so bad! I grew up with a lovely pup named Jasmine, a bright and energetic border collie/black lab. I miss her dearly. I spent the day yesterday looking at puppies. Hopefully one day soon, I’ll take the plunge and adopt.

    As usual, your words are soothing and peaceful. Wishing you a very Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! LOL! xoxoxox

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, as always!

      I truly hope you take the plunge… Sophie has brought so much sunshine and laughter into our home every day since the day we adopted her … I truly can’t imagine life without her now!! She’s my hiking buddy and my little fashionista (yes, I’m one of *those* people — I do, in fact, dress my dog, ha!). And if I ever have a bad day and need a good cry, she is the single most comforting creature I know.

      I didn’t know it was Canadian Thanksgiving … A perfect excuse to celebrate all I have to be grateful for today! 🙂

      P.S. Sophie is (mostly) shih-tzu, & I can’t say enough good things about the breed, if you’re looking. 🙂 Such happy, loving, low-maintenance little lapdogs. Pure charm!

      Enjoy your day!! ❤

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      1. This is wonderful info! I’m partial to Boston terriers (notoriously stubborn), dachsunds (wonderful, loyal little dogs that have a tendency to be very jealous) and cockapoos…but frankly, I’ll take any dog that loves me! Glad to hear that Sophie is such a great pal – she looks like such a cutie (and great doggie model – haha). Yes – Cdn Thanksgiving is this weekend. I’ll have an extra piece of pumpkin pie for you! xoxoxox

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        1. I don’t know much about Boston Terriers, but I just had to tell you how much I loved our neighbors’ doxies, who lived with us for awhile when the neighbors were in the middle of a big move… Such ferocious tenacity … They made me laugh *constantly* with all their displays of bravery, machismo and loyalty … They were like tiny bodyguards or bouncers, always strutting around demanding to be taken seriously. 🙂 We ladies could use a companion like that now and then!

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