Flashback: The Silver Lining that Takes My Breath Away …

Tonight, as I listen to the wind slide slow around the edges of the house, I think of the season’s first frost, predicted to crystallize over the grass while I sleep.

I think of the way the leaves fall silent, even in the dark …

And I think about this old post — originally published on November 11, 2014.

If, like me, you love Autumn’s color but fear its frost, these words are for you … Hope you go out and find your silver lining today. ❤


Every year, I love watching the leaves turn.

I grieve it when they fall.

But this loss, like every other, has a silver lining.


Just a week ago, when I looked out my back window, I saw our leafy beech and hundred-year oak.  A scrubby but golden-leaved maple.

Now, I can see horizon and sky.  Range after range of blue hills.  I can see all the way across the city to the white tower of the airport, where planes touch down and surge upward, over and over, all day long.


Tonight, I stand at my kitchen window and watch the lights wink on across the valley. In thirty minutes, the whole city will light up and glitter — a river of light, sparkling in the dark. And I wish I could show you a picture of this.  I do.  But there’s no lens I own that could do it justice.  And sometimes, the things you can’t capture on film are the most beautiful things of all.

So tonight you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say this: I am grateful.


Barn’s burned down —


I can see the moon.

–Mizuta Masahide


  1. Thank you for this post, perfect timing. I sit on the edge of my seat loving and hating autumn. In the moment I love it, but where it takes me weighs heavy on my mind. A good reminder to see the beauty in every season.

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    1. Indeed. We have much in common, I think, in our love for summer. I’m really trying to soak up all the loveliness and light I can right now, and sowing seeds of friendship and warmth to last through the winter (I’m learning that people, for me, are winter’s loveliest flowers).

      I’m looking forward to your colorful creativity as one thing that cheers me I winter’s gray, too… Keep the beauty coming!! 🙂


  2. It’s a shame, but I think your right when you say “sometimes, the things you can’t capture on film are the most beautiful things of all.” Sometimes, I’ll see something l want to remember in photo, but I won’t have the right setting on the camera and it doesn’t come out, because it’s a night shot (say fireflies), and I don’t have the right lens. Or, maybe I’m on the top of a mountain with a fantastic view at dusk—and I reach into my pocket and suddenly realize… I don’t have my smart phone. Oh, Susie sent me. :o)

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    1. Oh, Audrey, thank you!! I’m glad you found some pleasure here, too, and I can’t wait to check your blog out as well! Welcome. ❤

      And P.S. I am — I'll just go ahead and admit it — completely jealous about the frost. 🙂


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