a to-do list for magic-seekers …


To Do:

1. Walk into the woods.  Find a leaf.  Maybe it’s long and slender:  a birch leaf, or a willow…  Tuck it behind my ear, the way some people wear a pencil.  

Wear it all day.

2.  Put on a spring coat, even though it’s fall.  Walk slow along the sidewalk, watching for pebbles that gleam in the light…  Also, feathers.  Acorns.  Furred green moss.  

Fill my pockets.  

Wait for spring.

3.  Find a park bench in the woods.  Lie down on it.  

Do nothing for at least half an hour.  


4.  Go down to the river.  Kneel at the bank and cup a palmful of riverwater, reflecting clouds.  

There.  See?  

…  The sky in my hands.



  1. And if you ever want to perform a miracle in winter…..
    1) Put on a beret and fingerless gloves.
    2) Find a lake covered in ice.
    3) Walk out on the ice.
    There. Walking on water.
    You could even strap on some skates and get all fancy with it.
    Jesus just got pwned. ;D

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  2. Oh….your words are unbelievable. The sky in your hands…you put the sky in our eyes just with a mere blog! Happy for having bumped into your blog!

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    1. I think we’re all capable of making a little magic … We just need to look under layers of ordinary things. 🙂

      Walking on the frozen tundra sounds incredible!! You *must* share a photo sometime!! ❤


    1. What a great question!

      I take photos both with my iPhone and with a DSLR. It’s important to me, though, that fancy technology never gets in the way of my seeing the world with honest eyes, and presenting it that way, too. So I use the iPhone more than you might think … Not because there’s anything wrong with shooting with an awesome camera. I just don’t want to use it as a crutch.

      You can read a little bit more about my development in my thinking here, if you want: http://wp.me/p5efeV-26.

      Thanks for stopping by, for being a thoughtful and engaging commenter, and for being YOU. 🙂 Appreciate your words here. ❤


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