The Body Electric: Day Eleven

Today, a little pre-Christmas miracle alights on our small valley — because suddenly, right smack-dab in the middle of the Christmas season, a warm wind blows in and the temperatures climb to nearly eighty degrees.

I go out for a long walk, feeling strangely naked in shirtsleeves and flip-flops.  I walk through neighborhoods festooned with wreaths and red ribbons, and yet I hear the incongruent shrieks and whoops of children careening wildly through backyards.  It makes me think back to this:


And this:


And — oh, yes — especially this:


I walk long in the warm sunset light, enjoying the magical sensation of a breeze on my bare arms, the May-scented wind in my hair.  I try to soak in all the light and heat I can — through my skin and my eyes and my ears and my heart.  Store it up for a day of icy drizzle, when my car tires spin in the slush.

I blink the thought away and tell myself:


Just this.

Only this…


I’m grateful.  β€


{Wonder what’s happening here?  For thirty days this December, I’m challenging myself to enjoy this body I’m living in:  to take pleasure in all my senses, to explore it and use it in new ways … and most of all, simply to cherish it.  I hope you’ll join me for the journey. <3}


  1. I’m glad you were enjoying some fabulous weather yesterday, too! I went out for a long bike ride and tried to be mindful as I pedaled along. It felt like a special December treat!

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