the unflinching honesty of fresh snow…

I go out walking in the white — shocked, as always, at how it erases what came Before…  


And how it reveals whatever came After.

On its clean slate, I can see clearly the crease made by the wing of a low-flying bird.  The tracks of even the most soft-footed fox.  The bullethole of each raindrop, rendered in crisp black-and white:


One day, perhaps I’ll be brave enough
to tell this kind of Truth. ❤




  1. The bullet holes of the raindrops are what I find most profoundly affecting. They are so brash, so violent, yet so plain, natural, and insignificant. You’ve given me something to think about today. Again 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely day!

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  2. I’m visiting your blog from Australia. I’ve never seen snow before, face to face, in the flesh that is. But even for me these pictures surprise me. I’ve never seen snow look so foreign. On first look I couldn’t tell if the pictures were of the moon or some pale skin or dirt or ???
    Consider yourself followed. I love your work.

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    1. Christopher, thank you! What kind words. I don’t always do abstracts, but in this case, I love the tremendous ambiguity of these images.

      Australia, eh? Can you please send me some of your sunshine? 🙂

      Look forward to seeing more of you here. Cheers!


          1. My writing idol’s most used protagonist worked at the soyo fish company for a short period of time before he moved to los Angeles and became a “real” writer 🙂 this blog is my soyo.
            Thanks for viewing my work. I hope you enjoyed.

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