1. The shape of things to come… 🙂 My father was very good with his hands. I learned a bit from him. And wood is one one most noble materials. Easy to work. An a universe of possibilities from a table to a door, to a bed to a drawer… Endless. 🙂

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        1. Indeed …

          What a beautiful gift, to be able to work with your hands. I’ve never been so handy myself, but there’s such pleasure in that kind of creation. And yes … A universe of possibilities!! 🙂

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              1. I don’t carve. Though I have my father’s tools. I only do a bit of carpentry, mainly to fix something. Fragments. For woodwork, the softer the wood the better. Easier. Pine is fine for carpentry. Olive wood? Haven’t tried it. Must be hard wood, right?

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              2. It’s been a long time … Many years ago, I played the flute decently, and sang chorale.

                T and I also took ukulele lessons in September, just for fun. And it WAS fun, even if we were both kinda terrible. 😉

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              3. Doesn’t matter. Music is for fun. I took piano lessons as a kid. then dropped it. When the girls were growing they had piano lessons too. And I taught myself back to read and play music. Now I’m afraid I’ve forgotten again and need to start afresh… One day. 🙂

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