1. These are beautiful pictures! This week, I am experiencing recurrences of memories of Florida from a conference I attended in Orlando at this time last year. My mom went with me, and it was a time of healing and joy. It was full of stressful moments, to be sure, but even in those moments, I recognized how special it was. I’m in a place of pain today and am struggling to find a way forward. Thank you so much for sharing what you find subtly beautiful so that I can appreciate that subtle beauty, too. When I am telling myself that I’m broken and failing, my all-or-nothing thinking seizes my brain and my moods and thoughts swing wildly. I’m so grateful that I took a moment to stop and look today, and that I found you here.

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    1. Oh, Lulu. I’m so sorry to hear it’s a hard day for you, beautiful soul. And I’m grateful to hear that you’re finding some peace here, and perhaps a reminder to see your own subtle magic.

      I don’t “know” you in the traditional sense, but your words speak to a kind and gentle spirit, and a soul filled with beauty — imperfect but very real. I hope you know that. ❤

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