a little synesthesia …

Manna Meditations, Day 6


Slate-colored sky.  Slow patter of rain.

My eyes are hungry for beauty, and as I first step outside, I wonder — in all this gray drizzle — where on earth I’ll find it.

But beauty isn’t made for eyes alone, even if (for me at least) my eyes are the most ravenous part of me… So I put my camera away, and I walk.

There is an old art to what I do next, I’m sure.

I wander rainwet streets, listening.  After awhile, my ears sharpen, grow sensitive: rain tapping gently on bare branches, or crackling crystalline against frozen grass.

A little longer, and the sound begins to take on color, too:  platinum.  Pale blue.  That faintest edge of lavender.

Suddenly I realize there’s birdsong — green wet notes stabbing through gray.

I lift my head, and as I do, a single raindrop strikes my lower lip:  a silver bell of sound.  A sharp ray of light passes straight through me, flaring like a flashbulb in my chest.

My hungry eyes consume all this — the sound transfigured to light, the rain translated to song — and I walk home, all the neurons tingling.

I’m alive with wonder, speechless and slack-jawed with praise. ❤


    1. I do! It’s more natural to me coming from touch, which pretty much immediately gets translated into color for me (didn’t even know that was unusual into a year or two ago, reading about folks with synesthesia tendencies). I think that’s why I tend to like monochrome so much — it turns down the volume on what sometimes seems like an overwhelming amount of color for me.

      But on the gray days, I do indeed miss that light.

      How’s the weather in your corner of the world? I like to think about friends in warm places this time of year. 🙂

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      1. It is very unusual. And must be fantastic. Overwhelming amount of colour is interesting. (I am slightly colour-blind) Sometimes I would like to turn down the volume on memory. I have an almost eidetic memory, and some things one would rather forget but you can’t.

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        1. Indeed. I understand that, at least a little bit. How do you feel about neural plasticity and the ability to harness it with intentionality? It seems to be (very) helpful to me, at least to a degree …

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      2. Oh, and about the weather, tough we do have a splendid sun during the day, the US cold front puts in the low 30’s in the morning. And since houses don’t have central heating, it gets a bit chilly. We should be fine in a fortnight I hope.

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