A Birthday, a Wedding Anniversary, a Meteor Shower, & a Whole Lot of Celebrating …

It’s been quiet around alpha// whiskey//foxtrot for the past week, and that’s because the *rest* of my life hasn’t been quiet at all. The middle of August is a special chocolate-covered double-dip sundae for me, since I get to celebrate my anniversary and my birthday one day after the next. Needless to say, I’ve been having […]

Florida in Monochrome, or, Why I’m a Strange Soul Who Gets Overwhelmed by Too Much Prettiness

For the past seven days, I soaked up all the summer I could in southern Florida. I showed up hungry for sunlight, searing heat, green.  And I have to say, Florida delivered:  As the car shot toward the Keys on long white bridges spanning the water,  the Sunshine State rolled itself out like a green-and-blue […]