Come in, Love,and shake the rainfrom your shoulders. Come —let the storm lash the panes of the windows,the thunder rattle the bones of the house.Here we’ll make Quiet the way some peoplemake Love. (I’ll tell you a secret:Sometimes they’re one & the same.) Let’s not talk of the worldoutside the door —the storm has snappedthe wires to this place,and no outside […]

Oh, Summer, what can I say …

to make you stay…? Please —I’ll just bed down herein your gold light,your green shade,and press my face against the wild thingsyou’ve grown–grass-blade,fern-frond,moss-wetstone. Let me fallface-firstinto your blue pool,wrap myselfin the net of sunthat shivers and swaysat river bottom. Let me stealthe kayakand slide outto deep water–water flat as glass, so thatthe sunsetcatches firein the river — and I am […]


I’ve built my life around words:  planted them like seed, panned for them like gold.  I’ve gone out into green valleys and collected words like rainwater, storing them up for seasons of drought.   This is what my kind of people do. But. There are days when words feel too small for me — a poor, […]