The Secret Messages Project


For thirty days, I’ll be working to fill the world with good words … in chalk or in dry-erase marker, on bathroom-stall walls, trees and sidewalks and skin.  Want to join me?  Send me an email or a comment and tell me what you’re working on…  Let’s do this together. ❤

The Time I Almost Got Arrested for Writing a Poem in Chalk on a Bridge:  a Preface

Sharp Top Mountain:  Day One of Something Good

Words, Taped to the Underside of a Table in a Blacksburg Pizza Parlor: Day Two

A Prayer, Tucked into a Hollow Log at Fishburn Park:  Day Three

A Message, Written on a Leaf Just Off the Murray Run Greenway:  Day Four

Instructions, Tucked Between Two Books in the Public Library:  Day Five

Truth, Chalked on a Stone by the Roanoke River, Near Woodbridge Trailhead: Day Six

A Revelation, Tucked in a Box Left on the Herbert Davies Memorial Bridge:  Day Seven

A Little Hope, Left on a Boulder in Harkrader Park:  Day Eight 

An Invitation, Left on a Picnic Table on Top of Mill Mountain:  Day Nine

Dry Erase Marker, on a Mirror in the Women’s Restroom, in a Local Coffeehouse:  Day Ten

The Prayer I Didn’t Intend to Write:  Day Eleven

A Prayer for Grownups, Inked Onto Beechnuts, Left on the Wasena Bridge:  Day Twelve

A Little Comfort, Written on Small Stones, Sunk in the River:  Day Thirteen

An Almost-Poem, Left Under the Williamson Road Overpass (and also:  What I Talk About When I Talk About Poetry):  Day Fourteen

A Quiet Reminder, Clipped to a Wire Fence by the Railroad Tracks:  Day Fifteen

A Promise, Left on a Park Bench in the Frost:  Day Sixteen

A Reminder to Myself, Hidden in the Boulders at Wind Rock:  Day Seventeen

A Strange Little Almost-Poem About Manholes (Yes, Really), Left on Top of One in the Middle of a Field:  Day Eighteen

Color and Words, Left in the Healing Garden by the Hospital:  Day Nineteen

A Call to Speak, Left at a Podium Facing the River:  Day Twenty

An Invitation to Look Again, Hung on a Tree in the Marsh:  Day Twenty-One

A One-Word Invitation, Chalked on an Abandoned Railroad Track:  Day Twenty-Two

A Promise of Warmer Days, Left at the Ballpark:  Day Twenty-Three

A Question, Left by a Brook in Garst Mill Park:  Day Twenty-Four

A Secret Message for a Special Someone, Left on a Rooftop Overlook: Day Twenty-Five

An Offering, Left in the Amphitheater at Elmwood Park:  Day Twenty-Six

One Simple Little Message, Left at Lake Spring Park:  Day Twenty-Seven

A Hint of What’s to Come:  Day Twenty-Eight

A Prayer, Left in a Rose Garden Where Nothing is Blooming:  Day Twenty-Nine

Thirty Wishes for My City:  Day Thirty


  1. What a wonderful idea! I will join you some day, but it will not be right now, as I have to confess that I don’t get out much, by choice – it’s quiet and peaceful at home and that’s the way I like it for now…
    I am going to read one note a day… well, 2 until I catch up 🙂


    1. How incredibly thoughtful of you to nominate me! 🙂 I’m lounging around in Key West this week, far far away from my computer (the phone is a nice next-best-thing), but I look forward to learning more, answering your lovely questions & exploring the work of the orher nominees when I get home. Sincerely … Thank you! ❤

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  2. Your project is awesome. Fortunately, I live in a place where the arts are strongly supported. I have been dying to do a watercolor mural on glass but this sounds like a much more fun alternative. I will turn over some ideas in my head and see what I can come up with. I was moved by your bridge poetry story. It is so sweet and adventurous. Keep having fun and thank you for the inspiration. Warmest wishes. x SB

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I’m so glad they connected with you.

      My heart is *always* to see artists doing what they do and sharing it … I truly hope you keep putting your gifts out into the world.

      And you can come by my house and paint water colors on my windows anytime. 😉

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