Star City, Second Chance: a Gratitude Project

Sometimes it’s hard to love the place where you live.  Which is why I’ve given myself a challenge:  every day, for forty days, I’m going to find *one* thing that I love about this town.  And then I’m going to write about it.  You can follow my journey here:

When home doesn’t feel like Home …

Canvas, Paint, & the Stubborn, Sloppy Act of Daily Gratitude:  Day One

Secret Messages in the Woods:  Day Two

Highwire Acts & Sky-High Heels:  Day Three

Life Really *Is* Like a Box of Chocolates … & a Giveaway:  Day Four

Too Many Good Gifts to Pick Just One: Day Five

Week in Review:  Day Six

Sidewalks, Spider Silk, & the Magic of Everyday Things: Day Seven

Just a Long Trail & My Tangled Thoughts: Day Eight

Gold Leaves, Ginkgo Trees & a Stranger’s Blessing:  Day Nine

Quiet Grace at My Window:  Day Ten

The Undeserved Gift of Good Neighbors:  Day Eleven

The Moment of Gratitude I Almost Missed: Day Twelve

Week in Review:  Day Thirteen

An Open Road & a City of Stars:  Day Fourteen

Grateful for the Perfect Cup of Joe:  Day Fifteen

A Little College Nostalgia at an Off-Campus Coffeehouse:  Day Sixteen

Stalking the Light in the Woods:  Day Seventeen

When a Bridge is a Roadside Cathedral & There’s Water Underneath:  Day Eighteen

A Greenhouse Full of Good Food & Great People:  Day Nineteen

Week in Review:  Day Twenty

The Silver Lining That Takes My Breath Away:  Day Twenty-One

Finding (& Making) Art at the Taubman:  Day Twenty-Two

Small Wonders in Downtown Roanoke:  Day Twenty-Three

Sharing a Grilled Cheese with the Angel of Grandin Village:  Day Twenty-Four

Eden on Two Acres, by Last Light:  Day Twenty-Five

The day I wrote something almost like a poem … while waiting for a hamburger:  Day Twenty-Six

Week in Review:  Day Twenty-Seven

A Long, Slow Breath in Old Southwest:  Day Twenty-Eight

A Metaphor in the Beating of Wings:  Day Twenty-Nine

Beauty in the Junkyard:  Day Thirty

A Collection of Small, Beautiful Things:  Day Thirty-One

A Completely Random Moment of Creative Connection:  Day Thirty-Two

A Lazy Afternoon in a Roomful of Books:  Day Thirty-Three

Week in Review:  Day Thirty-Four

When Baking Cookies is an Act of Intentional Gratitude:  Day Thirty-Five

When A Single Leaf Changes the Course of the Day:  Day Thirty-Six

The Star City, Wearing White:  Day Thirty-Seven

 A Love Letter on Thanksgiving … Sort-of:  Day Thirty-Eight

Finding Character(s) at a Greasy Spoon:  Day Thirty-Nine

A Last & First Look at the Star City:  Day Forty


  1. I like the things you are doing on your blog. I am compiling original quotable thoughts by contemporary writers. I have found many in your writing. Watch out on my blog today. Any thought from you will be attributed to Ashley Wilson Feller. If that is wrong, please correct before I publish.

    Liked by 1 person

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