Flashback: Gold Leaves, Ginkgo Trees & a Stranger’s Blessing

This post was first published on October 30, 2014 — almost exactly a year ago … It still makes me smile. ❤ /// Sometimes, the best moments are unplanned. Yesterday, in a sudden burst of spontaneity between running errands, I deviated from my plan for the day.  Driving down 581, I swung the car onto the exit […]


As I write these words, it’s night, and I’m upstairs in a little room tucked under the eaves, listening to the rain drum the roof just above my head. I love the way a summer rain sounds silver, even in the dark. Oh, Summer:  sing me to sleep. ❤

A little summer happiness on the mountain: wood-fired pizza and a handpicked bouquet

It’s been a long time since I gave my city some love here. Those who’ve followed alpha // whiskey // foxtrot since its inception know that I first began this blog in an attempt to love my mountain town better.  And I do love it here — most of the time — but every once in […]

Making Home

I don’t often share much of my personal, day-to-day life here…  But a few weeks ago it occurred to me that my husband and I have lived in our little cottage-in-the-city for just over three years now. In the time since we first moved in, we’ve torn down walls, gutted and remodeled a bathroom AND a kitchen, replaced […]