the self-confidence of sunlight …

The morning sun presses into the room without waiting to be invited.

It does not knock, or use a door, or worry whether it will be welcomed. It simply pushes in, through each crack and hole and opening, as if it already knows that it belongs…


…And so it does. ❤




        1. Much more so than I used to be — thank goodness.

          I tend to be a bit of a coward — I’m sensitive and gentle by nature, and cowardice is the negative underside of those positive qualities. Still: I’m learning that confidence is a choice more than a personality trait. And frankly, it’s just so much more fun than insecurity. 🙂

          So I’m choosing to be brave.

          Wishing you the same!!


  1. Agreed!! Ya, I hope to have the same mentality but I, actually my brain, never seems to understand this! Anyways!! Thanks for wishing and I sincerely hope to overcome this insecurity as well and living a free life, just like you!!

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