Tonight. It’s late. The rain falls on the house for hours without stopping — a slow, steady rain. The kind that brings the world to life. Meanwhile I’m here inside, listening to the drumming on the roof.  The dinner guests have gone.  The dishes have been cleaned, the wine glasses placed back on the […]

This is me, before I wore my body like a ball & chain … {on innocence lost … & joy reclaimed}

The other day, while rummaging around in an old box of photos, I stumbled over this snapshot from the 1990s, and I just couldn’t look away: For two days now I’ve been going back to it, trying to puzzle what it is about the image that haunts me so. ¬†And then today, it struck me: […]

Secrets, Self-Portraits & the Subconscious … & also, a Silver Lining

I am a keeper of secrets — especially from myself. * A long time ago, I realized¬†I was one of those souls who felt everything too deeply — Who wept inconsolably when I saw a little bird crushed by a car tire. Who agonized over the troubles of friends¬†and¬†characters in books. And so, over the […]

A Prayer, Left in a Rose Garden Where Nothing is Blooming: Day Twenty-Nine

This post is part of the¬†Secret Messages Project. ¬†Every day for thirty days, I’ll leave my words in places where they might be found — or might never be found at all. ¬†I hope you’ll join me.¬† * The other day, while I’m sitting at my desk at work, I write a prayer. When it […]