signs of spring …

The green begins slow, like someone waking up after a long nap.

It spreads subtly across the forest at first: the tiniest leaves spangling the understory.

But then the grass on the lawn grows long.

The wood moss puts out furry wands tipped with tiny capsules of new life.

As for me, I go out to the back yard and cut down an armful of forsythia blooms. I bring the long stems inside, and stuff them in my great-grandmother’s blue Ball jars. Suddenly, every corner of our tiny cottage is filled with the color and scent of sunshine, green things, growing things… Life:


I rest, and say It Is Good.  ❤


    1. Ha, yes. We live in what I call the Cottage in the City, on a tenth of an acre. 🙂 Our house is small for an American house (1500ish square feet), but it’s sweet and cozy for two. Transplanted into the countryside, it would fit in beautifully. 🙂

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      1. Size does not matter. It is a luxury to live in a house in the city. We do too. And when I close the garage door I walk into an oasis. The house and “garden” are small but there are tropical plants everywhere outside. When you set off for lunch on the terrace it’s like being in a forest. 😉

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