Come in, Love,and shake the rainfrom your shoulders. Come —let the storm lash the panes of the windows,the thunder rattle the bones of the house.Here we’ll make Quiet the way some peoplemake Love. (I’ll tell you a secret:Sometimes they’re one & the same.) Let’s not talk of the worldoutside the door —the storm has snappedthe wires to this place,and no outside […]

hopeful words for a dark world {on Easter Sunday} …

Today is Easter Sunday: celebration of new life, forgiveness and light. But. This world can be dark.  Dangerous.  Brutal. All week long, the violence tearing through this little planet of ours has been weighing heavily on my heart. So today, I thought I’d share a brief snatch of words giving me hope:    Courage, friends… […]

A One-Word Invitation, Chalked on an Abandoned Railroad Track: Day Twenty-Two

This post is part of the Secret Messages Project.  Every day for thirty days, I’ll leave my words in places where they might be found — or might never be found at all.  I hope you’ll join me.  * I stumbled over a set of abandoned railroad tracks today — the weeds grown high between the […]