the thaw …

When the thaw happens, it happens all at once. * Almost two months ago now. We go walking in the woods:  me, T and two dear friends.  New-fallen snow lines every limb and leaf.  The light is pale silver; the air cold, but not too cold. Like Winter is making up its mind. * We have […]

Flashback: a Promise, Left on a Park Bench in the Frost

As I write these words, Winter is having its last gasp.  Fat white flakes swirl, caught in the golden cones streaming from the streetlights.  Once again — when we’re all hungering so fiercely for Spring — the world erases itself into white. And yet:  Winter cannot last. If you’re finding that hard to believe today, please know that I dug […]

Flashback: The Time I Almost Got Arrested for Writing a Poem in Chalk on a Bridge

From now until January 1, three times a week I’ll be sharing with you some of my all-time favorite posts — you might think of it as a curated collection of the Best of Alpha // Whiskey // Foxtrot.   In between, there’ll be space for new photos, new words and new wonder:  a mingling […]