Kind Graffiti: the Art of Seeing (& Sharing) Beauty

Remember when I started The Secret Messages Project?


It was New Year’s Day and my heart was cold — almost frozen, in fact — but I knew that if I could fill my city with kind words I might be able to feel the warmth of that kindness.

(That’s how it works, you know.)

So I wrote kind words on small stones.  I wrote them on long strips of paper that I rolled up like scrolls, and I hid those words inside museums, under bridges, beneath rocks on mountaintops…  And I was warm.


Meanwhile, something special started to happen:  I started to see kind words all over the place.

I saw these messages inked onto the planking of a lookout tower in Miami, Florida:



I saw this almost-poem painted in the back room of a bookstore in Charleston, SC:


I even saw this little affirmation, scribbled in dry-erase marker on a restroom mirror in a North Carolina Starbucks, and it felt so familiar I couldn’t help but smile:


And all of this reveals a truth that keeps telling itself to me, over and over:  You try to do good, and you learn to see good — magic and mystery all around you, waiting to be plucked like low-hanging fruit.

That isn’t to say that the ugliness isn’t real, because it is.

But the beauty is real, too, and I’m determined to see it…


As always, I hope you’ll come with me. ❤


  1. Oh for sure!
    The miracle of life for me, right now especially, is that I can be in little corners thousands of miles away, sharing little bits of the lives of precious souls in beautiful environments 🙂
    Of course, I do have those, that provide this awesome technology for us, to thank for this!

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