Come in, Love,and¬†shake the rainfrom your shoulders. Come —let the storm lash the¬†panes of the windows,the thunder rattle the¬†bones of the house.Here we’ll make Quiet¬†the way some peoplemake Love. (I’ll tell you a secret:Sometimes they’re one & the same.) Let’s not talk¬†of the¬†worldoutside the door —the storm has snappedthe wires to this place,and no outside […]

Five Little Reminders for You, on Valentine’s Day

True story? For almost a decade now, I’ve slept with my body curled tight against my husband’s.  I’ve woken to his heartbeat, and shared in his dreams.  We have every reason to celebrate, but still:  I have some very mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why, but this year I’ve felt painfully aware of how the […]