Same Body, Second Glance: Day Three


July 3, 2014


Beauty for today … ❤




{{Wondering what’s going on here??  Almost a year ago, I found myself on bad terms with the person in the mirror.  So I made a commitment:  every day for forty days, I’d take *one* photograph of my body that I could honestly see as beautiful.  Want to follow my journey?  Start here.}}


        1. This kind of vulnerability is hard, but I believed in what I was doing here, which made it okay with me.

          Over the past year, the collection has been silently viewed a *staggering* number of times. I tell myself that at least some of those viewers are looking for the right reasons — to be encouraged; to challenge their own perception of beauty — and that’s why the photographs still float around here in cyberspace. I’ve had my fair share of creepy voyeurs, too, and I try to just let that go — cost of creating something meaningful.

          Thanks for commenting so thoughtfully.

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          1. You’re very welcome. Thoughtful is as thoughtful does, sometimes. 🙂
            I remember the first time around thinking how extraordinarily brave a thing you were doing and how it might be something I would want to do myself at a future date. Beauty is a strange wee beastie isn’t it!

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