Same Body, Second Glance: Day Six

July 6, 2014

I’m going to share an image today that is a little scarier for me…  one that happened completely by accident.  While setting up my camera (a.k.a. my iPhone) for a different shot, I walked into the lens partially dressed, in just a slip and a tank top, and caught sight of myself on the screen as I bent down.  My first reaction was fear, because what the camera was seeing represented a part of my body that is  hard for me to accept.  But my second reaction?  It was surprise … an overwhelming sense of compassion for myself and the body I was seeing.

Because I really did feel, in that moment, beautiful.  

I braced myself and took the picture before the feeling could fade.  It’s a shot I probably never would have taken had I not literally walked right into it. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to share this with you. ❤


{{Wondering what’s going on here??  Almost a year ago, I found myself on bad terms with the person in the mirror.  So I made a commitment:  every day for forty days, I’d take *one* photograph of my body that I could honestly see as beautiful.  Want to follow my journey?  Start here.}}


  1. I know this is not about what I think, but it truly boggles my mind that our brains can mess so badly with our perceptions. We need to love our bodies fat, ugly, deformed, whatever, but when one already has a magazine cover body, how is it that one cannot see it! ❤

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    1. It really is true: we see what we are trained to see, & the system is seriously rigged to make us see only our flaws. Thank heavens — & I know you understand this — for the neurological plasticity of the human brain … the ability to carve a new neural pathway in a wilderness where the old one is dangerous and dark. Please believe me when I tell you: I’ve got my machete out and I am hacking away at this jungle of self-hatred.

      Slowly, with intention & care, I am blazing a better trail. ❤

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      1. I hope you didn’t think I don’t believe you!

        It is quite miraculous too, the way the new trail slowly leaves the old one far behind, so far behind that it becomes difficult to make it out any longer. A very strange, but very welcome feeling really 🙂

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