Potomac Creek, Virginia: Unedited

I am learning, slowly, to let go…


To know when to let a thing be…


I spent the weekend at my husband’s family home on Potomac Creek.  As always, I whiled the hours scuffing up and down the peninsula with my camera, taking in the way the light slicked the water in more colors than I can name:


Sitting here now, in front of my laptop, I’m resisting the urge to edit and perfect.  Instead, I’m accepting these images the way they are — believing that sometimes, a thing is exactly as beautiful as it ought to be, without my meddling hands getting in the middle of it.


I am learning that this is true of myself, and true of those I love, and true of those I’m not sure how to love…


Oh, God, teach me:  we’re all a little more magical than we know. ❤



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