Potomac Creek, Virginia: Back to Black {& White}

I keep coming back to monochrome:


I come back to it like Home, over and over again, in spite of my wandering heart:


And I know what people say:  That color is Real.  That black and white is Romantic.


I can’t explain it, but I’ve always believed the opposite to be true…

(Do you see the ghost in the water?  Do you see that you might step off the dock, and fall into the sky??)


Today, my wish for you is that you’d sling your camera strap over your shoulder and seek what’s true for your soul … That you’d see Truth with honest eyes…

Happy shooting! ❤


  1. Things in b & w photos always seem to beg to be looked at intensely. I mean, if I saw the boards and rope in color, I’d probably say, “Oh, look. Some boards and a rope.” But in b & w it’s “Wow! Look at that amazing rope and the beautiful wearing in those boards!”

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