The truth behind the quiet …

If you’ve been reading my words for awhile, you may have noticed a quiet here, building.  It’s not that I haven’t been posting; it’s just that I haven’t been saying very much.

This is a tell:  it’s something I always do before I’m about to speak.  

… A little intake of breath, I suppose.


Tomorrow, I’m going to reveal a new project to you.  It’s a simple one, but like all of my projects, it’s going to require some vulnerability from me.

Honest words?  Sharing myself in this space — my body and my story — has always been hard for me, but it’s been a little harder than usual lately.  There are more readers here than there used to be, and in recent months, a few of them have paid me more attention than I was entirely comfortable with.  It’s taken me a little while to get my head around that, to figure out how to manage it, and to decide, at last, not to let it silence me.

Because if I’ve learned anything from my little blog, it’s this:

The place just outside of my comfort zone?  That’s where the magic happens.


So.  If you stop by tomorrow night, I’ll be talking about what’s next and about why it’s so important to me.

And maybe we can make a little magic together…


See you then. ❤


    1. Oh girl… You are a total sweetheart! You *never* overwhelm me, with your positivity and energy. 🙂

      I did have my first real, creepy stalker reader, and it threw me for a bit of a loop for awhile there. But I’ve decided just to see it as a rite of passage and move forward.

      My readers are mostly just plain fantastic, and I’m lucky to count you as one! 🙂

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      1. Awww! You’re first stalker!!! Congratulations – welcome to the club! LOL! Scary, isn’t it? Sigh. I wish there was a better way to manage social media and blogs without going private. Anyways, glad you are back and well! xoxoxo

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