brave words for fearful people …

Go out into the world:

a rain-spattered window, with bare tree limbs beyond, rendered in black and white

Go!  Yes, you — though you are fearful and fragile and small.

Go broken-winged and bent-boned and beauty-starved… Lovesick.  Stardrunk. Skydizzy.

Or go sharp-eyed and sober, if that’s how it is — the hunger for the light a clenched fist in your stomach.  A hand, opening slowly in your chest like a flower.

If you are frightened, use it.

If you are desperate, use it.

Let the jitter and snap of your fear drive you scrambling up the cliff.  Grasp the sudden handle of the crescent moon, and haul and kick your way to the top.

Go!  Go by sea or land or air, or in the unfettered flight of your dreams.  Go alone, if you must.  Drag us with you, if you can.

Just go.  And keep on going…

a pale blue and pink sunset sky, framed by bare tree limbs

Yes, you. ❤


  1. Your words made me cry today. I can’t describe the terror and anxiety that have been possessing me the last couple of weeks. There are many changes happening in my little piece of the world, and they are not voluntary, and they are not all going to be sorted out neatly or quickly. No, they are messy, uncertain, and are leaving me in a prolonged state of limbo. There’s nothing more terrifying than limbo when you can’t *accept* or *trust,* and you live your life under the shadow of past trauma. I *want* to believe I could be as brave and determined as the person you are calling us all to be…

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    1. I so understand that … Truly.

      I have trouble trusting, too — in the past year, people have given me a lot of reasons not to believe the words they speak, or the promises they make — even when they themselves believe what they’re saying. It can be incredibly destabilizing, and sometimes terrifying. I think that involuntary change often feels the same way.

      But I trust my Maker — sometimes only my Maker — and that is still frightening, but for me it’s less frightening than the alternative.

      I believe in you, lady. I believe that — like most of us — you are braver than you think, and capable of doing a lot of things you think you can’t. Praying that you feel loved by your Creator today, and that you find a little hope to flourish right in the middle of the mess and uncertainty.

      Hugs. ❤

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      1. Thank you so much for being honest about your difficulty trusting. I’ve been through some really traumatic life events that make it hard for me to believe that everything will work out for the best. Those are the pieces of me that are too painful to even blog about. It’s hard to trust God with so much pain in my history, but every single person that I talk to tells me the same thing, and it is so good to hear it over and over! So thank you, truly. I can’t hear it enough, and if everyone says exactly the same thing, then there must be something to it, which makes me want to start to hope and to believe. Hugs! ❤️

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        1. Oh, girl. I’m so sorry.

          Don’t be too hard on yourself about the trust thing. Some hurts take a very long time to process, and I know you know that. God does, too.

          Grateful you’re here, and telling the truth of your story. It looks beautiful to me. ❤


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