1. It *is* a beautiful place … Central Appalachia, in the mountains. We have all four seasons: a snowy winter, when the whole world looks like a monochrome photograph, a lacy, watercolor-painted spring, a beautifully green summer, and a cool fall, when all the leaves change colors almost at once.

      I’m grateful … Thank you for inviting me into that place today. 🙂

      What does life look like in your world??

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      1. Thank you so much alpha whiskey foxtrot! Saw your reply just now! I am from a beautiful country called India. Being a helicopter pilot who flies offshore, I see only different shades of the blue ocean interspersed with some seagulls and other stowaway birds! Will share some pics if you like but I am not much of a photographer! Blessings your way!😃

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    1. I’m so glad!!

      It’s not a perfect shot by any stretch… I took it with my iPhone. There’s a power line and a chimney in there. But it’s a good reminder that beautiful things don’t need to be perfect, & that they have a way of surfacing out of our most ordinary places.

      Grateful for you, friend!! 🙂


        1. So true!

          I’ve never been very good at editing (& also, I kinda enjoy chasing down and fully composing the ideal shot in the moment, when I can — it’s part of the magic for me).

          I hope to eventually take a class and get better … Always nice to have a few good Photoshop tricks up your sleeve. 🙂

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          1. I’ve been using Photoshop for years now. Self-taught. (I learned a bit of programming ages ago, makes it easier to understand the logic) I mostly use it for cropping, improving lighting or turn into B&W if I feel the picture is worth it. Sometimes to remove “details”. I’ll take a shot at your pic, put I think it won’t be possible. Au revoir Ashley.

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    1. I’m so glad, lady. What’s funny is it’s a shot that sat around in my archives for a bit, and I didn’t even pay it much notice at first. You’re one of several who’s really loved it. Proof that sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to see the best in something.

      Enjoy this beautiful day! 🙂

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      1. There’s beauty in the eyes of the beholder..the fact that you took this shot at such a perfect moment, capturing its essence so beautifully speaks of your observant aesthetics.
        I hope you enjoy this day just as much. I wish you peace of mind and joy. Stay beautiful. x

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  1. I’d already seen that one… And we talked about editing. I don’t know why it’s popping up again. (Not that I mind) WP is doing strange things sometimes.
    Hope all is well with you my friend. (Sounds like it is) 🙂

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