1. I’m trying to figure this out. All of the railing brings to mind an industrial setting, but the rails are the high-quality, concealed fastener-type not typically used in an industrial setting. Then there’s the glass infill panels and the high-quality flooring. So maybe a mall. But would AWF take the stairs instead of the escalator? Yes, she’s healthy like that. Still, not sure. Maybe a professional building of some kind.

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    1. I love that you wanted to figure this out.

      In Roanoke, there’s a highway-sized swath of train tracks that runs between the old Gainsboro section and downtown proper. I’ve gotten in the habit of parking in the (fairly deserted) Gainsboro side and taking the pedestrian bridge across to the art museum. Sometimes I stand on the bridge and shoot photos of the trains that run underneath.

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      1. Can you do me a favor? Can you took a photo of the exterior of the stair tower? We’re working on a project with a pedestrian bridge and it’s good to see how others have built the tower and bridge. Thanks in advance.

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