The Body Electric

The Body Electric: Day Four



The dinner’s been eaten.

The laundry’s been folded.

The apple crisp is in the oven, filling the house with its fragrance.

And suddenly, for the brief span of an hour, there’s nothing to do but just be.

So I put the kettle on, and I make sage tea.


If the finest pleasures are the simple ones, then sage tea is elegant in its effortlessness and ease: just a branch of green velvet leaves, a golden dollop of local honey, and a cup of hot water.  That’s all.

I take it with me into the front room and sit quietly with the heat of the cup on my knees.  

The clay vessel fits perfectly into the curve of my palm, and I breathe in the herbal scent, the steam.

After awhile, I take a drink.


It tastes like rain in the fields.

Like pleasure.

Like calm. โค



{Wonder what’s happening here?  For thirty days this December, I’m challenging myself to enjoy this body I’m living in:  to take pleasure in all my senses, to explore it and use it in new ways … and most of all, simply to cherish it.  I hope you’ll join me for the journey. <3}


47 thoughts on “The Body Electric: Day Four

  1. avvocatolo says:

    This experiment is… ah you always make me wordless… it is so difficult to comment this extraordinary blog… this experiment is… is… powerfull. 30 days inside you. How beautiful… we, your faithfull readers, will be like your blood… going around inside you… it is so terrific! Lets see… kisses

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  2. Someone recently asked me on a post (about going to Stockholm, the Swedes being great coffee drinkers) if I was a big coffee drinker. I replied 5ft 9 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t worry, she is a regular correspondent and so is used to me by now.
    But we English are renown tea drinkers, though I’ve never tried the one you described though.

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    • Do try it, Andy! It’s a favorite of mine. Sometimes I’ll add a few sprigs of time or a lemon slice, depending on how I’m feeling. It’s a nice sore-throat drink, too, especially with a splash of bourbon or brandy.

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  3. I was eating strawberries with plain kefir as I read about your sage tea, and I had to put my phone (on which I was reading) down. I paused, and I took time to notice the flavors dancing across my tongue and the last rays of sun casting pale light outside my window. Thank you!

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  4. What a lovely challenge you’ve given yourself. I started mine, too in November and it has been wonderful. I shared my experiences with friends and they’ve been very supportive. Best wishes for your journey.

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