The Body Electric: Day Five


I go out walking in the last of the light — before the sun winks out behind the mountains.

I feel the cold in my lungs, the night coming on, and I think:  It’s true, what they say. The twilight swallows us all.

Still … For a moment … 


My shadow stands tall. ❤



{Wonder what’s happening here?  For thirty days this December, I’m challenging myself to enjoy this body I’m living in:  to take pleasure in all my senses, to explore it and use it in new ways … and most of all, simply to cherish it.  I hope you’ll join me for the journey. <3}


  1. Lovely words Alfa Zulu. (‘Hope you don’t mind my twisting your FAA code?)
    Twilight swallows us all? My, my…
    But the ones I like best are:
    “your shadow stands tall”.
    Yes: always stand tall.

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