The Body Electric: Day Six

I’ve always been a woman with nervous hands.  

The rest of my body is still and graceful by nature — balletic, after all these years.  But I wear my tension in my hands, which are always folding and unfolding, pulling and smoothing and clenching and unclenching, as if engaged in an eternal game of Cat’s Cradle.  If my hands are still, then you know — you really know — I’m at peace.

Today, though, I decide to still my hands by design…  To open my clenched fingers and let the anxieties of the day go:  


I think the stillness looks beautiful. ❤


  1. You have beautiful hands! Confession, I’ve always loved art and drawing. When I was in college, I took a drawing class, and I think that was the first time that I really started to *notice* hands and feet. The wrinkled, weathered ones are my favorite, but all hands and feet tell a remarkable story of someone’s life! I love to puzzle at the extremities of strangers, fascinated by their knobs and callouses, or their smooth softness, wondering what stories they tell. I’ve battled so many running injuries, the last of which was pretty resistant plantar fasciitis, but as much as I demonized my feet, I couldn’t totally vilify them, because they were the same feet that carried me along so many remarkable adventures and through so many trials! Your hands have done so many remarkable things, and they will do so many more! I love that you have captured them in words and image.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lulu! And I love hands too. So incredibly intimidate … They DO tell so many stories.

      Go you for appreciating your feet. I love that perspective, & the sense of compassion it demonstrates for your body. Truly beautiful, and exactly what I’m trying to accomplish every day. I love that you shared that. 🙂

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