The Body Electric

The Body Electric: Day Fourteen


This evening, I stand in the kitchen and chop.

And saute. 

And stir.

And smile.

There are friends coming for dinner, and that makes me happy.

These days, food makes me happy, too.


There was a time in my life where food didn’t make me happy.  In fact, I was downright afraid of it.  

And that fear persisted long after I made my recovery from my eating disorder.  It persisted so long that, one day, I decided to do something about it and just plain fall in love with food.

If love is an arrow, I wrested the bow out of Cupid’s hands, took aim and fired.  

I didn’t miss.


In the absence of new photos on my reel lately, I’ve been scrolling through some of my older shots.  I scroll all the way back to 2009, when my love-affair with food began, and I find lush, shockingly colorful images like this:


And this:


And this:


My mind takes me back to that season when a love of eating was new — a rich, wildly sensory experience — and it just plain makes me happy.  

Because that was the year I taught myself where food comes from, if it’s raised right — out in the fields or the woods, in places where light is plentiful and the soil is rich:



I learned what it felt like to eat a blueberry or a blackberry straight from the brambles.  I discovered scapes, and I met my all-time-favorite food, Chicken of the Woods — a wood mushroom that magically soaks up whatever you cook it in (hello, chardonnay!) and transforms the flavor into something unspeakably divine:


I learned to can and vacuum-seal and freeze and pickle.  I took a job as a baker’s assistant, and I learned to make meltingly soft scones, dense crusty artisan breads full of nuts and berries, and my personal favorite, galettes:


I learned that food looks best in the sunlight:


Most of all, I smiled a lot, and laughed — right there in the presence of the food that used to scare me:


Today, I’m thinking back to those days and finding myself overwhelmed with gratitude…

I open the bottle of wine.

I let it breathe.

I toss the salad.

I wait for my friends to arrive. ❤



16 thoughts on “The Body Electric: Day Fourteen

  1. What a story to not only overcome an eating disorder, but to beat it big time and to start loving food! Very impressive!

    I hope the evening with your friends was brilliant.

    Your photos are lovely. Got to love the colours of cherry 🙂

    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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