The Body Electric: Day Fifteen


The thought comes to me yesterday while I am sitting quietly in the hairdresser’s chair, listening to the wet locks fall against the mat below me: those frayed ends have been around for awhile.

They’ve seen things I’d like to forget, and they’ve also stuck with me long enough to watch me build a better version of myself.

(I’m still working on that … and always will be).

Meanwhile, new hair is growing:  soft little baby wisps that frame my face, reminding me that, cell by cell and bone by bone, the body has a way of beginning again:

My skin cells slough off and are replaced every four weeks.

My taste buds are renewed every ten days.

Six years from now?  I’ll have an all-new head of hair.

Ten years and I’ll have a totally new skeleton.


Oh, friend … Maybe our bodies are telling us something.



  1. What a different perspective! I never thought about my body that way! I am often marveling at my body’s amazing capacity to heal. Sometimes I ponder at the idea that the same eyes that I see with right now are the ones that I owned when I was an infant, the ones that stared out of my preschool-aged face, and the same ones that grew up all along with me. I think about the other parts of my body the same way, but I never thought of how my body is constantly renewing itself. I love it! Just the other day, I was contemplating how every little action (or inaction), even the most mundane, shapes who I am becoming. I am constantly becoming something different, something new (hopefully, someone better). It all fits together so eloquently!

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